Friday, January 11, 2008

So I'm jumping on the Food Blog Band Wagon

Like many readers and writers out there in the food blogosphere, food has always been a passion for me, but I have not yet been fortunate enough to make it a vocation. I have a corporate job (Financial Communications and Investor Relations...huh? yeah, exactly) during the day, but dream of becoming a food writer, working as a menu consultant, or even just going into food and restaurant public relations. Well, I figured, instead of just hazily fantasizing about it, why not get started?

As inspirations, I look to Andrea Strong of
who became a successful food writer partly through her weekly e-newsletter; David Leite of who I think has the most consistently drool-worthy and reference-able blog of anyone out there; Clotilde Dusoulier of whose delicious insights about cooking and eating as a hobby eventually led her to quit her day job and become a full-time food writer.

Additionally, I’d like to give a shout out to Zach of
who saves me everyday from the wasteland that is Midtown’s food scene and to my co-worker Jeff who nominated me to be profiled for Zach’s Tuesday “Midtown Lunch’er” feature. Putting together this post (
for Zach’s blog that one Tuesday gave me a rush that I’d like to feel more often.

I'm sure the structure of this blog will evolve over time, but for now, I will start modestly and simply aim to post the following at least once a week:

1. At least one review of something delicious I ate at a restaurant – In case you couldn’t tell from the title of this blog, I am a total glutton and would rather eat out than do just about anything else. I don’t even have cable because I see each cable bill as a lost meal. (And besides, I manage to get the Food Network from my building’s pre-installed system, so really don’t need too much else.)
2. At least one great recipe I tried – There is no greater sin in my book than a food lover, or worst yet a food critic, that can't cook. How can you judge and fully enjoy other people's food if you haven’t tried your own hand at it?
3. What I agree/disagree with in the Times Wednesday Dining Section - This will likely evolve into other tidbits culled from sources on food & dining information. My philosophy? Research, especially in a city like New York, is essential to an excellent dining experience since it allows for informed gluttony. The way I see it, a person only gets a limited number of meals in a lifetime, so should choose them wisely.

Additionally, at least once a month, I plan to post a review of a great food-focused book since the next best thing to eating food and cooking food (just a means to eating) is reading about food (mental eating).

Here goes. Wish me luck!

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on starting the blog, Grace! I know I'll enjoy reading it. I've added you to my blog roll.